Moon Magic, WellBEing / September 3, 2018

The Revolution in wellBEing begins now!

The Revolution begins with the New Moon in Aquarius


Be a rebel in pursuit of your dreams.” Tsepiso Makhubedu

Happy New Moon! Today’s new moon in Aquarius is the first new moon of 2017. It also coincides with Chinese New Year of the Rooster. And they are both screaming “Revolution.” Yes, 2017 is time for a radical change in your life.

The Moon and the Fire Rooster call you to this new adventure. The Aquarius energy allows you to tap into your genius. She wants to know if you are ready to let go of your excuses? You know the ones that are neatly stacked up and ready to recycle at the first sign of trouble. She urges you to reform your ideas now.

The Rooster requires you to be honest with yourself. He needs you to he needs you to get up and stand up for your life. Are you really going to experience change if you continue to walk the same way on the same path? Will you let the distractions of the world keep your passions at bay? Are you finally ready to be faithful to your desires?

This weekend spend time with your dreams. You know the ones. They are the ones that are going to take you to the next level, the ones that allow you to express your true voice, the ones that create joy.  Or they are the ones that you don’t know how to make come true. And the ones that you have been working so hard for and they still seem far away. Either way, they are the ones that your heart just won’t stop yearning for.

Everyone has a right to decide their own destiny.  Prepare to stand and fight for it. You will have to overthrow the Queen of Doubt and the King of Fear. Banish them. Send them into exile.  And you will need a plan.

Today and for the next few days, take time to assemble your forces. Strategize.  Set goals. Write them down. Create a vision board. Make a checklist. Meditate. Tune into the signs that the Universe offers up as confirmation.

The Aquarian moon stirs up your desire for freedom and change. The Rooster pushes you out on a new adventure. No more internal power struggles. Instead answer the call to whatever is in your heart of hearts. This is the perfect moment to take a stand for your health, for hope or for love. Whatever it is, the time has come. The revolution begins now.

Getting my revolution on!

Monique, the Rebel in Love and Light

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