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Ayurvedic Coaching Program

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Program
Explore a new topic to deepen our understanding of how to achieve sustained wellness:

  • Just Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Pancha Karma: The Ultimate Detox
  • Journey To Bliss through Touch
  • Journey To Bliss through Taste
  • Journey To Bliss through Smell
  • Journey To Bliss through Sound
  • Journey To Bliss through Sight
  • Mindfulness: Meditation, Mantra,Mudra and More
  • S.A.D. (Stressed, Anxious and Depressed) No More
  • Conscious Eating: Eating to Balance Your Dosha
  • Rise and Shine and Flow
  • Eternal YOUth

Your Ayurvedic Path: 6-month Plan to Ultimate WellBEing
There is a lot of good information and great tools to make a change in our health. Yet, we still do not succeed in creating the desired transformation. Well, The Ayurvedic Path will put and keep you on the road to health and well being. The Ayurvedic Path is a 6-month coaching program designed to give the tools and support to successfully change and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Individual settings ensure that you are a priority. Make the commitment and the program will provide a monthly coaching class, one-one coaching and tools to stay the course. Don’t just make changes, create a lifestyle of wellness.

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Investment: $4,500*

Make the commitment and the program will provide a monthly coaching class, one-one coaching and tools to stay the course. Don’t just make changes, create a lifestyle of wellness.

  • Initial Consultation with Monique Blake, NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • 6 monthly 1-on-1 sessions customized to your specific needs
  • 6 (15 minute) WellBEing Check Up calls or Skype sessions
  • Personalized Ayurveda pdf Book
  • Bonuses valued at $594

*Payment Plans Available

Ayurvedic Memberships
Membership Programs: $250

Choose from:

  • Radiant Balance (Wellness, Stress Management)
  • Radiant Beauty (Anti-Aging)
  • Radiant Body (Weight Maintenance)

All programs include:

  • 1 Abhyanga massage
  • 1 Swedna
  • 1 Foot soak
  • Dosha specific massage oil
  • Personalized dosha specific aromatherapy blend

Radiant Balance includes mini nasaya treatment. Radiant Beauty includes an Ayurvedic facial. Radiant Body includes a dry brush and dry scrub massage. Additional Membership Bonuses: Annual Savings: $800 plus Extended treatment time (90-minute sessions) Priority appointments rebooking Complimentary birthday enhancement.

Pancha Karma Treatment Program

Pancha Karma Program (PK)
Pancha Karma (PK) means ‘five actions.’ Ayurveda recommends Pancha Karma as a seasonal treatment for maintaining mental and physical hygiene and balance, making it a powerful and effective detox for the body, mind and spirit. Your PK Treatment Program can be for 7, 10 or 21 days in length. It includes:

  • Pre-care protocol – Approximately 7-10 days prior to the PK treatments, you will receive specific dietary and lifestyle modifications that will prepare your body and mind.
  • PK treatments – Includes both doshic specific treatments (shodona) and soothing body treatments (shamana). Every program is customized and includes the following personalized schedule: Recommended shodana treatment, Daily abhyanga massage and herbal swedna, Daily shaman body treatment (shirodhara, nasaya, pizchili), Breathing exercises (pranayama), Aromatherapy blend, and Daily monitoring and support.
  • Post-care protocol – Rejuvenating dietary and lifestyle protocol will be given to slowly and safely nourish the body and maximize the PK benefits.

Pricing Available Upon Request

Ayurveda 101
This workshop presents an overview of Ayurveda and how it can help you achieve a greater sense of self and health. This 2-hour workshop includes:
• An overview of the three doshas (or constitutions)
• A dosha quiz
• An overview of Pancha Karma: The Ultimate Detox
• Bonus: A coupon towards your initial Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic Nutrition
This 2-hour workshop will deepen your understanding of what foods will help balance or aggravate you:
• A brief intro to Ayurveda
• An overview of the 3 doshas
• The 6 rasas (tastes)
• Ayurvedic food combining