“Monique is an excellent health and wellness coach. She provided me with six-week pre-operation coaching that I feel was fundamental to my post-operation recovery and success. She recommended a raw food diet that worked with detoxifying my body followed by reiki and massage treatments. I continue with many of her “raw food” recipes and feel that she helped to take my general health and wellness to another level with practical, smart advise and guidance. I highly recommend her within this area of expertise. As a matter of fact, through her encouragement I have taken the Second Level of Reiki for further self, community and world healing. She is a star.”
— Karen Clay, International Education Specialist (Higher Education Program Development)

“Monique is truly an expert in the field of Massage Therapy, not only in her techniques but in her knowledge of the various modalities which makes her an excellent resource. She conducts her business with great integrity and because she stays abreast of the trends in her field, she can always be counted on to provide the best quality care.”
— Yvonne P. Morris, HR Consultant

“I worked with Monique on the One Touch of Nature Event. She approached me to assist her in bringing her vision of providing 200 disenfranchised women with free 50-minute full body massages to life. The event was phenomenal. To date, it was both the most challenging and fulfilling event I’ve ever managed. Monique is extremely resourceful within the Health & Wellness- Spa industry. She has fabulous contacts. She’s South Florida’s best kept secret.”
— Kelli Blake, Onsite Meeting Planner

“Monique is a compassionate a caring educator who challenges her students as learners, future massage professionals, and contributing members of society. Her classes emphasize that students, as representatives of their chosen profession, are obligated to make the world a better place. Her holistic approach to teaching allows her to get through to struggling students and aid them in achieving their career goals. She is also brings innovative ideas to the classroom and to her program. It was a pleasure to work with her and to watch student prosper under her guidance.”
— Craig Munns, Experienced Educational Leader

“Monique is a true professional in the field of massage therapy instruction. She was able to succeed at teaching a very diverse, multicultural student population. It is a well known fact that Monique is a special instructor who understands what it takes to help students achieve their academic dreams and pursuits of professional massage licensure. She gained the respect of peers and students over many years of teaching, and I highly recommend her for any profession of her choosing as I know she will be an asset to others in so many ways.”
— Joseph LaTorre, Independent Business Owner at CEULMT.COM

“Monique is an excellent educator. Monique has a thorough and caring way of empowering her students to their full potential. She is extremely dedicated to whatever she is committed to with the highest regard for integrity and ethics. She’s very creative and diversified when it comes to the implementation of educating her students.”
— Nobledamon Withey-Bey Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional