Moon Magic / April 16, 2016

Let Genius Out of the Box with New Moon in Aquarius

There is so much to share. January 30th’s New Moon in Aquarius will be such a special moment. There are so many wonderful things on its way that it will be very difficult not to feel uplifted by this new moon. First, this is a Super Moon so it will appear to be bigger in the sky.

Next, tomorrow’s new moon will be a black moon which is a very rare event. It happens when there are two new moons in one month. A blue moon is when there are two full moons in a month. When something occurs once in a blue moon, it is pretty rare. And once in a black moon is even more special.

Everyone is genius. — Albert Einstein

Tomorrow is also Chinese New Year and we will be welcoming in the Year of the Horse. It is a year for good health and prosperity. A Horse Year is the time to work, so work smart. Be productive and take every opportunity to move forward gracefully. A Horse Year is usually the time for big adventures, travel, unexpected romance, or an unexpected move.

And there is still more good coming… The new moon in Aquarius is about expressing your genius. Everyone has genius but so few of us express it. Well, this new moon will spark your creativity and imagination. Expect the floodgates to open and ideas to incessantly pour out of you. In fact, tomorrow is a good day to have a pen and paper or the recording device on your Smartphone handy because you will need an efficient way to jot them all down.

So which of your ideas should you follow? That is easy. Commit to the ideas that will bring you a sense of freedom. Commit to the ideas that will serve the greater good of humanity. Commit to the ideas that flow easily. Commit to the ideas that will allow you to put your own unique stamp on the planet. There is no need to push or force anything. We only have to charge forth, full speed ahead!

This is so exciting! Happy New Moon! And here to letting your genius out of the box!!

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